The simplest way to ask questions and get quick responses from the people that matter.

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How it works

BeeTold is a new and totally simple way to ask questions in real-time to any groups — people you work with, friends or anybody that might be relevant. Whether you’re working on a project, making internal decisions, or simply contemplating something that could be supported by other input, use the App any time a question arises. With BeeTold, you now have a very easy and organized method to gather feedback to help make decisions when they arise. To get started:

  • Download the app for Android or Apple – it's totally FREE.
  • Ask a question (in multiple choice or yes/no format), adding a picture for clarity if you choose.
  • Pick recipients by either creating groups or choosing single emails from your phone's contacts.
  • Recipients receive the question via email, respond 100% anonymously and don't need the app to respond.
  • Track and share feedback directly from the App.
  • Make Better Decisions!

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